I am the author of a Coursera specialization, Understanding Data: Navigating Statistics, Science, and AI Specialization, offered through the University of Michigan.

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From the specialization homepage:

“Understanding Data: Navigating Statistics, Data, and AI equips you with the knowledge to engage with data from a more nuanced perspective and increase your impact as a decision-maker in an increasingly data-driven world.

Throughout this three-course series, develop essential data literacy skills to navigate claims about data, statistics, science, and artificial intelligence – with no math or programming required. Learn to evaluate statistics used in places like headlines, advertisements, and research to increase your critical thinking skills and deepen your understanding of how scientific research can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. By exploring the recent rise in artificial intelligence (AI), you’ll also learn to engage critically with current narratives regarding data and AI.

At the end of this three-course series, you’ll be able to engage with data from a more critical perspective, integrate data and statistics into papers, reports, or stories, and actively support your perspectives with quality data and information.”